Why Choose SamCart Vs Clickfunnels?
SamCart, by co-founder and top internet marketer Brian Moran, is possibly the easiest and most effective way to start selling a digital product online. It is a highly optimised checkout sales funnel platform specifically engineered to maximize the probability of a conversion at checkout. It includes ~20 free specially-designed templates for almost any type of product. What we found great is that it also has a unique ability to store and use upsell funnels that are independent of the initial product, i.e. you can easily attach a pre-built funnel to drives sales of a new/additional products at checkout in a natural way.

Sam Cart is arguably the best-in-class checkout software because they focus on checkout and post-checkout, unlike all-in-one solutions such as Clickfunnels. While SamCart is superb for these specific aspects, and are definitely highly-tuned for driving customers through this critical step, it does not have a sales page or opt-in page builder and you will therefore need to use external landing page software. Based on our testing the pre-installed checkout page templates convert better than any other checkout platform we've tested to date.
One particularly profitable concept developed by SamCart  that we've had significant success with is the unique 1 Page Funnel concept. This sends visitors through a single, specially-designed page that sells the customer on the product, highlighting the benefits and features, and then has an integrated checkout immediately below. This has been proven to significantly reduce customer loss during click-through to a separate checkout page that is seen in traditional checkout pages. You will of course get best results by preselling customers from an email or facebook ad, however this is a unique concept that basically does away with the need for creating long and fancy or multiple sales pages. And most importantly, our testing show that this simple idea really works. Click below for a demo...
How SamCart Works In 3 Simple Steps...
1) How To Create Your First SamCart Product In 60 Seconds
2) Integrate SamCart With Your Email Marketing & Membership Tools
3) How To Accept Payments In SamCart
SamCart In Action - Quadrupling Your Sales
Check out the free webinar below to see a example of exactly how SamCart's optimised checkout platform was able to increase website sales 4-fold just by properly funnelling their existing traffic. They demonstrate how they were able to double the amount of customers being successfully driven through checkout, while doubling the amount of spend for each customer via the clever use of upsell funnels. And they show exactly how to do this simply by adding a pre-designed sales funnel template to your existing content, without even requiring any specialist knowledge or a web developer. Check it out by clicking the button below...
Sam Cart Features
SamCart's checkout pages have been shown to double sales from existing traffic on average, and they boast that >$500 million of sales have been done through their platform, so you've also got the backing of a big company behind the product. Like other checkout platforms, they support subscriptions and payment plans, custom branding (logo, etc...), customer testimonials, guarantee's, and a nice selection of shipping options. The extra features we particularly love about SamCart are the fact that you can offer digital downloads easily within the platform, and it also lets you sell in any currency you choose. 
We love ClickFunnels, and SamCart and ClickFunnels play well together. For membership sites particularly, SamCart is excellent at taking care of the checkout page which integrates sales processing and CRM updating (i.e. tags in Infusionsoft) functions, and you can then use ClickFunnels for the registration and launch process which leads to the sales order and sales processing components. Using two complementary platforms in this way has the significant advantage of using each platforms strengths while not having to deal with their weaknesses - for example just because Clickfunnels (or LeadPages, etc...) have great landing page functionality doesn't mean you should use them as an entire web site (e.g. checkout pages) since other tools such as SamCart may be better suited for the task as they are much more specialised. Like many other businesses and developers we frequently use both SamCart and ClickFunnels for our high converting sites, with SamCart being the payment management tool, whilst ClickFunnels acts as the membership backend tool.

SamCart Integrations
SamCart integrates with all of your favorite email marketing, product delivery and tracking tools. It also finally has integration with the fantastic email campaign/broadcast platform Drip which we use on this and other sites, allowing us to generate significant revenue from email lists and also tag customers to specific buyer lists. Check out the full list of other integrations below.
It also has a super useful sandbox mode which enables you to ensure everything is working correctly before going live with your product funnels. You can do test payments in Stripe which don't show in your stats (unlike ClickFunnels), which is a handy feature.
Samcart Affiliate Center
If you have the premium subscription you get access to the SamCart Affiliate Center which enables you to recruit your own army of affiliates to help you sell your products for you. This can can be an incredible and inexpensive way of generating significant amounts of revenue, particularly if you have attractive remuneration offers for your affiliates. We've recently set this up for a DNA testing business and over the last 12 months their revenue has doubled (after 3-4 years of little-to-no growth) thanks to a steadily growing database of effective affiliates. SamCart has an excellent affiliate dashboard where you can see your total affiliates earnings per click or a breakdown of your best affiliate metrics.
samcart affiliate
SamCart vs Shopify?
What about SamCart vs an ecommerce platform like Shopify?

Shopify is best if you are selling multiple physical products and need a store front where people can add different products to their cart and check out. However, if you have a smaller number of products it's often best just to create individual ecommerce funnels which is where Samcart excels. In our popular 'Free Plus Shipping Funnel Ski Wax Fail' post we broke down a sales funnel we built in Clickfunnels for a ski wax funnel. Below is how it looks inside SamCart with their funnel section (within the upsells dropdown).
samcart upsell
Like Clickfunnels, SamCart is particularly effective for marketers who sell digital products such as courses and e-books who require a platform that offers upsells and split-testing. Shopify does not offer any of this out of the box and many successful ecommerce entrepreneurs have to find ways to build funnels using external software that integrates with Shopify to achieve this. Likewise it's far easier to create and customize checkout pages in SamCart than in Shopify, even with the new customize checkout feature shown below.
shopify checkout customize
SamCart Pricing
Try Sam Cart free for 14 days to see exactly how it boosts your revenue. After that their Pro plan is $99/month or $199/month for their Premium plan. The Premium Plan includes the affiliate center you can recruit your own affiliates as well as The Subscription Saver which automatically attempts to recover any failed charges to maximize your revenue. As a comparison Clickfunnels subscriptions start at an almost identical $97/month, and Shopify offers similar plans for $79 and $299/month.
Taking all of the above into consideration, we've selected SamCart (with or without Clickfunnels integration) as our best performing checkout platform.
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